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OceanLink system is the latest generation of the LightSpeed™ optical communication
technology developed by Torrey Pines Logic, Inc. ONR SwampWorks have
sponsored the development with the objective to design and build a 2-way non-RF
communication system from a submarine to a surface, airborne or underwater
platform with as wide an angle of view as possible, while avoiding conspicuous
operation and detection by creating a 1-10Mbps optical channel between a submarine
underway and below water surface at distances exceeding 10km. Single reinforced
fiber fed from the Sail, consisting of Transmit and Receive components. Fiber tips stay
3-5 feet below surface or penetrating surface for variety of communication options.
• Most secure communication technology on the market
• Bi-directional Data, Voice, and Video
• Point-to-point LAN extension
• Long range Free Space Optical system
• Perfect for emergency and temporary communications

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